The custom title I give to my bookmark is not respected in the hamburger menu

When bookmarking a post or a topic and giving the bookmark custom title, the title is not used in the hamburger menu. Instead, the original topic title is shown in the list.

Not sure if my expectations are wrong:
What I expect is to see my custom bookmark name in the list, not the original topic name. Which makes even more sense if I bookmark. multiple posts from the same topic, and give each of them a unique bookmark name.


It’s meant to be a note about the bookmark rather than a title… but I don’t think that’s a bad point; if you go through the trouble of adding text about a bookmark, we should probably make sure it follows the bookmark everywhere…


Please note that topics can be renamed, which is another “surprise” considering I expect to see the name I gave to my bookmark.

There is also an expectation for named bookmarks to work the same way as they work in browsers - once you rename it, it will show the name given by you and not the page title.



Sorry if this has been gone over but searching has yielded this thread and I haven’t so far seen anything else. I tried to ask about it on the forum i am using but they suggested i go to the discourse forum to ask about it instead.

A server for Snapmaker 3d printers uses discourse, and it seems like other people are able to see their custom bookmark names, but i cannot.

As a new to the server user i can only post one picture so i have combined a snap of my bookmark custom name next to a snap of my bookmark list to illustrate:

as you can see the thread title has taken prescience over my name.

I would like to know if there is a way this can be fixed so I can have easier access to helpful posts to help new people with their machines.

edit: after kinda reading over this post a little closer it sounds like this is not a bug, but the design.

If this is not supposed to be a title, i dont much see the purpose of having it at all. Think of how useful it will be to be able to pin specific comments for quick reference to hyperlink to people :smiley: but thats hard to do when you dont know what the specific comment was. and sometimes there are more than one example in one thread that are worth pinning for different reasons, which makes it even more confusing.

with that said, there is a lot of potential here that i think can be tapped :slight_smile:

Let’s say you want to keep calling it a note. A note that can only be accessed by going in to edit the bookmark. Maybe showing the note on hovertext would be appropriate :smiley:


I am mixed on changing this @martin

“The custom title I give to my bookmark … My Amazing Description…” is probably better, but we are stuck shortening both topic title and bookmark title. There is no trivial non-compromise win here.


FWIW it does show the note/title on hover of a bookmark reminder notification, but not on hover of the bookmark in the menu you show in your post, so I think that could be one quick fix for this that would be helpful.

It is tricky. I think it would be much more useful to also show the title/note in the notification/bookmarks quick menu alongside the topic title but that would probably make everything way too long. I’ve always thought it was a bit awkward that we aren’t really showing the note anywhere but on hover and in the user bookmark list.


Could we show the custom text in the header menu and then only show both on the full bookmark page?

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As in drop the topic title and only show the custom name in the hamburger sub sections only?

So if you bookmarked “Stuff I ate for lunch” and called it “I like banana”.

Notification (when reminder hits) would show

:bookmark: I like banana

Bookmark header list would show:

:bookmark: I like banana

This is so tricky, I never name my bookmarks so it would have zero impact on my usage, I am on a fence here.


I soon stopped adding the custom text as it never appeared anywhere (I use mobile mostly). I just assumed it wasn’t working. I don’t know what’s best.

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