View streak progress view in user profile

I think a new way to enhance profiles is the current view streak(How many days in a row you visited) so you can keep track of who’s active and who’s not and the user can see how many days until the view streak badges!


So basically a visible counter to let you know how many days in a row you have visited?


Yes, it’ll be very useful for me and other users, to see after how many days in a row until the aficionado badge.

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Is it going to be accepted? Anyone?

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eventually we plan to allow for better mechanisms of tracking badge progress, but this requires a lot of thinking and not something that is planned in the near or probably even medium term.


Ok thanks! I’ll be waiting for this feature in the future!

I’m imagining something like the GitHub commit view…

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I like the way the Garmin badge system shows progress.



@sam something as simple like this is great too!


Or this,

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I would like to see a subtab on badges titled “progress” that lists badges that are in-progress. I would even default to this subtab when you are viewing your own profile and click “badges”

However, this is a very big internal change cause we need to add “tracking” queries to each badge and decide which badges show up in progress. Some badges have very complex conditions like trust level badges.

I foresee this will happen in the next 5 years. But I don’t think it will happen in the next 1-2 years.


Thanks! I know it’ll take time, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing it since I’m a big discourse user.

Is this topic supposed to answer my question or what? From the perspective of a regular Discourse user, how exactly do I view my progress towards the “Devotee” badge?


You cannot. That’s why your post was moved to a feature topic.
Maybe have a look at this topic Can the period stats use custom time frames to not be limited to only the most recent period?. But you need an admin to configure that.

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Yeah, the administrators are too stubborn. No luck…

Could it possibly be put on the roadmap for version 2.9?

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Honestly I would only be happy with something like this if it allowed for weekends, at least optionally

I personally think it is a spectacular achievement to visit once a day five days out of 7, allows you to take a break on weekends


I would semi support that idea. I would say only like 4 days a month (about half of the weekends) so it’s still hard but is still a little easier. It to not like discredit the badge for the people that already earned it the hard way visiting every day even on the weekends.

This would help. And I would prefer if this happens to all badges. It would really help with the Appreciated, Respected, and Admired badges so you don’t need to go through your posts to figure out how many posts fit the requirement.

Yeah, agreed.

I’m honestly surprised that the “Devotee” badge even exists. Anybody trying to earn that badge must be going through a lot to earn it…

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I haven’t been on any forums long enought to get it but the ones I am on with in the first 120 or so days visited I gain the Aficionado badge. Plus on the mobile app it’s not hard to go into all the forums for a second or o earn the badge.