The good reply badge date is wrong

Today in my forum, I earned a second “Good Reply” badge, but it said I earned it on April 2017, when I earned it just today. Is there something wrong with this?

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Isn’t that the date of the post you are referring to? is the post you earned it from, posted in April 2017?

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I think that I have got the same problem, the only difference is that the badge is the Nice Topic one (Not in this forum). I earned it some days ago and it shows that I earned it Feb 9 (The date I created the topic).

Yeah, that’s what I meant. I earned it today, but it says that I earned it on April.
I see this, even when I earned it today

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Yeah I’m not sure. It does seem it should be the date earned not the topic date @sam.


On your forum, is the server date & time accurate?
(Or does Discourse pull from a time server?)

This is super tricky, to get the date correctly we need to query the 25th like on the post and use that date. This is prohibitively expensive at scale.

I guess we can add a special option on badges for “when granting this badge for the first time always use todays date” but then you can not backfill the badge.

I just don’t see an easy solution here.


I guess as long as it is consistently one or the other that is fine