I got the "Licensed" badge 3 days ago but joined 2 days ago on Replit Ask

Hello. I have noticed a UX issue where it says I got the “Licensed” badge before I joined. However, there is no way you can obtain a badge before joining a forum.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

It looks like that badge is given with custom sql. There must be some issue with the code that they wrote. You’ll need to start with them to see if they have an explanation.

That’s not right.

The issue with when a day starts is the issue. Sorry about that.

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Isn’t this Licensed badge on every forum, including the mentioned forum? I got it almost immediately after joining by doing @discobot start advanced tutorial.

I’ve actually seen this a few times, and it has to do with how things are stored in the database vs. displayed in the page.

The time the badge is granted is stored in the database in UTC, but the time shown on the badge page is based on your local time.

Most users won’t see an issue, but if the time difference is just enough from when you got the badge you’ll see this behavior.

On one of my instances it shows I earned the certified and licensed badges before the instance even existed because of this. :slight_smile:


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