The Ignore User feature (now in 2.3.0.beta7)

I think there are a few easy ones we can handle without too much work, like in-reply-to/reply expansions and direct quotes. I don’t really care about anything more edge case than that.


Hey, just wanted to say thank you for adding this feature, I had a few pieces of feedback

  1. Please allow for an indefinite timer option in the block screen. I help run a community with many different opinionated people, and im sure atleast a few of my users will be interested in blocking a user for more than 4 months at a time. If you guys arent supportive of that, atleast showing who has been on the ignore list and whos duration is coming up soon works then.

  2. Im guessing this is just a bug but currently revealing the post just shows “hidden content” in italics for me. Being able to reveal posts is great tho, I just wish that discouese also showed the user(s) name(s) in the x hidden Replies divider – I feel like this feature warrants it, but thats just me.

Again, thank you for adding this! Running a forum where people are allowed to express themselves without moderators needing to step in kinda means we need features like these that allow users to take their forum experience into their own hands. Im glad its finally out. Have a good Tuesday :slight_smile:


Not planned at the current time.

Did you mean expanding a quote here? If so that was fixed by @Tarek_Khalil


The reason a Ignore function is needed is simple. You have users that stay within the rules of the community but cause enough friction to make community members want to leave. You put the mods in situation in which they either ban someone that isn’t breaking the rules (which opens up whole other can of worms) or they lose valuable contributors to their respective communities.


how do we get this beta function in our forums? So far this has been a basic feature in a lot of the previous forum software the users I mod have had access to throughout forum changes. With discourse they’ve lost it. This is forcing situations where normal users could ignore each other and move on to other places instead cause conflict.

That’s overly simplistic. Often times the issue is that two people don’t like each other. They could keep posting past each other if they have a system way to ignore things.

Simply update to latest beta, it is now enabled by default. Remember that you must be trust level 2 to earn the ability to Ignore.


so we can just ask our admin to do it?

Are there any issues with moving our forum to the beta software?

Most people run on tests-passed, which is ahead of beta. That is the default. You can probably do it yourself from /admin/upgrades


Hi @codinghorror,

I have a user who has eagerly adopted the Ignore option, and reports the following:

I had to un-ignore [username] because there’s a bug. As long as [username] is the last person to respond to a thread, that thread will forever show as unread, no many how many times I go into it. Apparently because the system isn’t showing me his message, it just lingers as unread and I couldn’t find any way to manually force it to show read.


Yes we have seen this mentioned before and can think of a simple way of sorting this out without touching the server.

@Tarek_Khalil the simplest thing to do here is just to teach screen-track.js.es6 about this.

If you have any “ignored”/“collapsed” post on screen, just pretend it was read.


Any quick way to make this available to any user, opposed to locking it to Trust Level 2+?

Why would new users need that?

Well, one use case of many I could provide is that if I’m migrating users from Forum A which is dying to Forum B which I’ve made on Discourse, and they hold views of certain people who are currently blocked on Forum A, they’d like to do so on Forum B as well.

I don’t really see a point in locking it to only Level 2+ trust users, and I don’t agree with your stance (respectfully) on the “bad apple” reasoning regarding blocked users.

I see, this is specific to a migration, so a bit of a special case. It’s fine to grant those power users TL2 if they are established users from the migration. And it is definitely fine to grant most migrated users that have any kind of post history TL1. They’ll quickly obtain TL1 through 15 minutes of reading on the new, migrated site anyhow.

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I understand, but I’m attempting to see where this is able to be modified, for individuals who use Discourse that wish to modify it, regardless of whether or not it’s validated by others, whether I’d like it to be TL0 or TL4 that can ignore users.

Is it possible to do through CSS, or is it something that requires digging in the code to change an int or?

Easiest would be to do something like grant everyone with x posts or who have been members for 1 year (if that got imported) to tl2.

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Doesn’t satisfy the simple requirement I’ve requested, though.

I am simply requesting how to change it, so that on my forum, regardless of validation from others or whether or not people agree with my position, users who sign up at TL0 can ignore other users instantly…

Imagine signing up to reddit, then only being allowed to block users if you have 5,000 comment karma…?

That’s a really flawed analogy.

Trust levels come from attendance and participation at a predictable rate. It can’t be gamed.

Trust level 2 takes 15 days of visits with basic participation. If you can’t survive on a community for 15 days without the ability to block users there’s something very wrong with that community.

Karma OTOH is only received, and 5000 could take hours, months or years to accrue.

If you really want all your migrated users to be able to ignore from day one just create a new group which grants TL2. Then assign all your migrated users to that group.


Thanks for the insight.

So, in regards to my question, would there be a simple solution within the actual code that I could edit (or rather, I should ask, where is it in the code), opposed to workarounds such as putting users into groups and boosting them up or down, or migrating users and applying roles or trust levels through a script, or using any other qualifiers?

My question is incredibly simple in nature, I’m just attempting to find it. I’m not seeking marketing insight, community management insight, or advice on how to run something.

Essentially, I am requesting to change an integer of “2” to “0” as originally posted to Falco in a DM, but it appears as though I’ve been led in another direction here as he took it to the thread.

It’s not currently something you can edit, no.

If you decide to fork the code you will receive zero support here.