The "new new" has been enabled on Meta

I’ve enabled this for all users and explained the change so will see what they make of it. My user demographic is relatively older people who often aren’t that techie so they can be a bit resistant to change at times so their response will be interesting!

The "show count of the new items’ is user based preference with seemingly no option to turn it on for everyone. There is a setting ‘Make navigation menu links show count of new items instead of badges by default.’ which looks to be similar but I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same?


I think what @ClawdiaWolf is alluding to here is:

Navigation →

Change: Show a count of the new items from a checkbox to a combo box with the options:

  1. new posts then new topics
  2. new posts
  3. all new
  4. none

This distinction is important cause many people think that “new posts” are very important, whereas “new topics” are a lot less. Mixing the 2 counts in the sidebar for these users means that they can’t just sit back and let “new topics” wash away.


I understand what @ClawdiaWolf is saying about options, but I was commenting on what you said…

Is there an option do to this globally for all users?


Yes we try to ensure every setting a user has also ships with a default:

default_sidebar_show_count_of_new_items is the setting you are looking for.


Thanks. The description is subtly different between the two with the global option referring to badges which the user preference doesn’t. Maybe the description could be changed to match in both places?


I think this is brilliant and we should keep it!
Or at least

Finally there is one place to go when I “want to read everything I want to read” :+1:

This also (kind of) solved my main issue with the sidebar, at least made it better

  1. I’m not sure, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. At least not in the way the screenshot in the initial post indicates. I still get only the “new” indicator, not “topics” and “replies”.

  1. Having a list of unread replies in my tracked topics is actually one of the feature I find extremely useful in Discourse. The only thing that would make it even better would be if I could easily access the tracked topics even when there are no new replies (potentially: a “Tracking” entry in the header row with a number if there are unread replies, and without if there are none).

  2. I do think that the “new” feature could be extended in a useful fashion by including new replies I haven’t seen yet. In fact, my intuition when first seeing this was that I would get new topics and new replies since my last visit, and I was confused when it would rather show me new topics from the last two days by default.

  3. I don’t think the numbers on the categories in the side bar look good. But I have to say, the longer I use the side bar, the less I like it in general, because IMO it represents a navigation option that is partly redundant with the category view. So maybe that colours my perception of this aspect of the proposed change.

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Actually, I was referring to the fact you can choose whether or not it links to the filtered list or latest. :slight_smile:

For some (like myself) that filtered list link is useful, and honestly I never pay attention to the count, just the sidebar looks weird to me if it’s not enabled :slight_smile:

I would love it if the topics link honored a separate setting unrelated to the count display that would respect the unified view if enabled but kept the current behavior if the unified view isn’t used when the Link to filtered list option is enabled.

Then again this is actually why on a lot of Discourse instances I use the /unseen view, but that has its own issues when you’re on a huge instance like the NaNoWriMo forums with a lot of topics set to normal.

It only shows those headings if you’re on the New tab. It doesn’t show them on Latest. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to make a difference for me.

It should look something like this:

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Ah! I see, then I misunderstood the initial post (I expected the new sections to show up at top level and the subheading are quite discreet).

I agree. They look a little small and disconnected. To me they’d be better saying ‘1 new’ rather than just ‘1’.

So, Suggested under topics is now same than New, but shorter, right?

I find this new feature very helpful indeed - a great addition to Discourse :heart_eyes:

However, where do I find the option to dismiss certain new topics individually as opposed to just having a ‘dismiss’ button in new?

(from another community)

Click the three lines (selector) select the topics and dismiss :slight_smile:

Hi Sam :wave:

At the moment it looks like this (1) where I can only choose to dismiss all the new topics or replies. I cannot individually select new topics like in the image in my post above. This was previously available before the ‘new new’ was enabled. Does that make sense? :sweat_smile:


It seems that if I dismiss all the replies this appears again. My bad

I miss the top level “unread” count/link. I tend to have two modes of reading discourse sites:

  • checking back in on threads I’ve tracked
  • choosing new threads to track

Most of my time is spent paying closer attention to threads I’ve already decided I want to pay attention to — the unreads. Only on some visits do I have bandwidth to look for new things to pay attention to (the new). This change prioritizes the latter, which I spend less time doing… and I liked the clearer top-level separation of the two.

A few things feel more confusing to me than before: When I think “Replies” I think posts, but the count on the new page under “Replies” is the number of topics… and then each topic gets a badge with the number of posts. The /unread endpoint still exists and that’s where you land if you choose that to be your home page, but it’s subtly different from /new?subset=replies. I also think it’s confusing that “Replies” appears on the top of the table of topics twice, and I don’t really understand why “Replies” wouldn’t count as “Topics”:


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What are the customisable text strings called for the “new new” system? Thanks.

Hello :wave:

Little tip to find easily: Find a translation key with verbose localization :slight_smile:


Thanks. I might change this text:

Your new topics will appear here, and your unread topics will also be displayed. By default, topics are considered new and will show a indicator if they were created in the last 2 days. Unread topics will show unread counts if you: created the topic, replied to the topic, read the topic for more than 5 minutes, or if you have explicitly set the topic to Tracked or Watched via the :bell: in each topic.

It’s not self evident that “unread topics” are different to new topics. Really it means watched/tracked topics that you have read but which have unread replies. Is there a succinct way of explaining all this?

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