Experimental new "New" view groups admin setting

this looks new. at least i don’t remember seeing this setting before today:


It is indeed… Or is it new new? :stuck_out_tongue:

It does exactly what the description says.

Enable a new topics list that combines unread and new topics and make the “Everything” link in the sidebar link to it.


Instead of having a New and a Unread buttons, everything’s in the New button instead.

As it is experimental, expect bugs.

One of them is that the Dissmiss feature may not work in certain circumstances.


the dismiss features don’t seem to work properly when enabling this.

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I checked and we are tracking that issue: the dismiss button not working. Currently, I believe it dismisses new topics, or posts, but not both. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed. :slight_smile:


thanks for the update @maiki. team can ignore my pm lol :innocent:

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I kept meaning to report this because I turned it on after the first update that caused it to show up on my forums and yeah, it just dismisses New topics.

My users do love it despite that issue though. :slight_smile: