The "new new" has been enabled on Meta

What are the customisable text strings called for the “new new” system? Thanks.

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Little tip to find easily: Find a translation key with verbose localization :slight_smile:


Thanks. I might change this text:

Your new topics will appear here, and your unread topics will also be displayed. By default, topics are considered new and will show a indicator if they were created in the last 2 days. Unread topics will show unread counts if you: created the topic, replied to the topic, read the topic for more than 5 minutes, or if you have explicitly set the topic to Tracked or Watched via the :bell: in each topic.

It’s not self evident that “unread topics” are different to new topics. Really it means watched/tracked topics that you have read but which have unread replies. Is there a succinct way of explaining all this?

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I prefer to think of them as New Topics and Unread Posts but maybe that’s just a sign of my warped mind?


When I clicked on “feature” on the sidebar it showed this topic plus the message

There are no more feature topics. Browse all categories or [view latest topics](Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse

That’s quite confusing as there are stacks more feature topics.

(I know it’s because I clicked “Dismiss” in the main topic listing page recently.)

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This conflation between new and unreads just seems really confusing to me. Not all unreads are necessarily “new”. For example, I’ve not gotten around to reading some of the latest posts in this topic:

But they were a week ago and no longer new. The new page displays my (1) unread notification from that topic:


But clicking on Replies (1) leads me to an empty table:



“Post” can be very ambiguous, technically a topic with 0 replies has 1 post (the original post or OP) and to me “reply” doesn’t have this ambiguity. Naming is hard, it can certainly warp anyone’s mind :smile:

This is another naming nuance, but I see what you’re saying. I guess the idea is roughly that “unread” means “new to me.”


I recently discovered that subtlety whilst working with the API. I couldn’t figure out why there was no way to update the topic text until I eventually realised that the topic was post 0 of the thread.

I think of topics and posts because of the previous forum software I used. Replies is good but it doesn’t appear to be used consistently across the rest of Discourse.

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There must be kind of cultural, personal and/or language differences, because I read, and understand, that new and unread are always new in the meaning new and unread for me because… those are both.

Actually dividing those in the meanings new is a topic created quite recently and I’ve never opened it and unread is a topic where is new post/answer I’ve not red yet has been really confusing from the very beginning my digital history at pre-internet times.

So — I like this new new.

But I have few users, and theirs professionals are very technical, who dislike new new strongly. They want, even need, clear labels and a blue dot is not strong enough signal when choosing if a topic is worth of clicking or not (and yet they are those kind of people who will read every topics and posts :rofl:).

So, I hope an admin can setup default regarding old new and new new (seriously… we need better names) but an user can change it.

we are near that point when most of settings must put behind wall named advanced settings and we should show only few selected ones to users


I’ve only had a couple of users comment about how new new was working and I think they now understand the explanation of what it does.

The biggest confusion though is why it sometimes says there are new items but when you click to see them there aren’t any. I see this on my own forum and meta and I’ve had comments from my users about it happening. I’ve tried to see a pattern of why/when it happens but can’t see anything obvious.


Many months later… I am disabling it here.

If you are used to how it worked, just join this group:

Personally, I still think this is a far better default, but we don’t have the bandwidth at the moment to take it to where it needs to go and gaining broad consensus that this should be a new default is proving very hard.


Awesome! Thanks for continuing to provide the option of keeping it. I much prefer it myself so have joined the group.

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Thanks! I have to admit I still prefer the old way of displaying unread threads.

You probably already discussed options internally, but just in case this has not come up: in my mental model of “Unread” instead of being similar or a subset of “New”, it is rather a subset of the threads I track. So in a way “Unread” would relate to “Tracked” (a new category which would contain all threads in state tracking and watching) the same way “New” relates to “Latest”.

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