The option to enforce tagging

I’ve requested in the past that there be a setting to enforce the use of at least one pre-existing tag when creating a topic.

I’m now aware of 3 separate use cases for this requirement (all current Discourse clients). More community structures are becoming reliant on tagging.

  • Communities that rely on tags for surfacing content.
  • Large communities that use complex tags and tag groups for their AI.
  • I’ve forgotten the details of the third one but I’ll edit it in.

These are creating a heavy mod load which feels a bit like an ambulance at the bottom of a cliff.

I’d love to see an optional setting to enforce tagging for new topics (from a dd-list of existing tags that are associated with the category).

I know that at least some of my colleagues are unconvinced but I’m keen to hear whether that’s because it’s a considerable amount of work or because no one has successfully put the case forward.

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I also would like to see option for default tags on the category settings page as described at

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Why can’t a category be required, which is already supported? Tags are supposed to be lightweight, and requiring them is decidedly not lightweight.

The first “order” of organization should always be the category, not the tag.

Totally agree but we’re starting to see more large customers with massive architectures that need to be using tags rather than categories at a middle level. It’s a difficult sell if it increases the admin/mod load.

In the first use case above, using tags rather than categories is a more flexible (and scalable) approach.
@scombs use case also sounds legit.

Which is why I propose that it’s optional. What’s the downside in your view?

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For the record I was surprised to see myself as the colleague who disagreed :slight_smile: Now that multiple people have asked for it, if we’re sure a category won’t work for their particular size I am definitely not going to push back against this feature being implemented.


Maybe @neil can comment when he gets back. Anything other than “require any tag” would be complex.


I’ve heard this request a few times too. If we do this, we should also show the tag input field above the post body field when tags are required.


I would love to see this as an option (perhaps on a per category basis).

What would make Tags even better is the ability to add additional info per tag (again optional) such as a description (that allows links) and colour (for when tags are used as boxes or bullets).

I think this would add another dimension to Discourse :sunglasses:


We have a fairly large community focused on a Particular piece of software. This software has many features / modules and creating a category for each one would be exhausting and lead to an unwieldy amount of categories. However we would love to force our users to put at least 1 tag on the post so that we more easily search, find related info / topics.

The software in question is a large ERP system, so there are hundreds of modules, addons and bolt ons that people post about and most other people on the site only have experience in a limited number of those modules. So it would help our moderators / community to know without going into each individual post what the general post is about and if they have something useful or not to add.

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This looks like it was added to the 2.0 release plans. See Discourse Version 2.0.


It will be done early in 2.0 though.


@neil I was thinking I could work on this at some point in the next weeks. Reading the topic I’m unsure about multiple points:

  • are we doing a global site setting or a per category tag setting? both?

  • I don’t understand this:

When we check the tag limits we first make sure tags are enabled and if tags are enabled the input will be shown, no ?


Excellent news.

Def per category. Both if that’s easy enough I guess.

Not sure I do either but I think it makes sense that if tags are required that the tag field below says something like “Add at least one tag”


I guess the tags input field used to be at the bottom. Did you move it and now make me question my memory? :brain:


Just wanted to thank you for working on this. It just came up in discussion (big UN agency) and will solve a lot of issues for us


Yes, tags used to be at the bottom. I believe it was moved during the composer rewrite.


This feature is now available via:

Note that the “minimum tag validation” on a category will not happen if:

  • tagging is disabled globally
  • acting user is staff
  • acting user does not have sufficient trust level to use/add tags

The option to enforce tagging is available per category. If the tagging is enabled, the setting Minimum number of tags required in a topic will appear under “Edit Category” modal => “Settings” tab. The setting value defaults to 0.


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