The sidebar doesn’t follow category style if none

If setting category style is none the sidebar is showing color boxes on category section.

I know. This is really minor one, and perhaps more styling question than a real bug — but because expectation is even the sidebar would follow forumwide settings this is a bug.

No hurry to fix :wink:

i thought those color boxes were the badge wrapper bullets? i control those on other places on my site with by setting display: none;

we don’t use the sidebar yet, so not sure if it works on it, but i can suppress those color boxes in the legacy hamburger menu like this:

common css

.d-header .badge-wrapper.bullet .badge-category-parent-bg, .d-header .badge-wrapper.bullet .badge-category-bg {
	display: none;

Yes those are.

Your CSS can be a functionally fix for sure. And yet the sidebar should follow forum wide settings :wink:

(And even better if Categories Icon would work on sidebar too :wink: But that’s another request…)

oh so you’re asking for a the functionality to be added but not a fix? sorry that wasn’t clear to me.

Well, my english is seldom clear.

  • I’m asking that sidebar would follow settings
  • you fix is good first aid tip, until someone codes categories section of sidebar better, and because it is far away from top list of important things todo, that CSS snippet could be the working solution too

So, two different things.

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no worries mate! i’m sure it’s better than my finnish :sweat_smile:

i like using css to control a lot of those kind of things on our forum.

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Our long term plan here is to completely drop the category style site setting and offer theme components instead for people who want to play with styles.

style box in sidebar would be extremely oppressive in sidebar for example.