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:discourse2: Summary Category Badge Styles replaces the functionality of the deprecated category_style admin setting
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With the changes to the category_style admin setting, the ability to set the category badge style to be box, bar, or none has been moved to this theme component. You can read more about that change here:



Only a single simple one for this:

Name Description
category badge style The desired style of the category badges

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Just switched to this and have managed to get most of my styling back, however is it possible to add #color: FOREGROUND-COLOUR to the style attribute please?

So this:

Style Attribute {
--category-badge-color: #0;
--category-badge-text-color: #865ac9;

Would end up like this:

Style Attribute {
--category-badge-color: #0;
--category-badge-text-color: #865ac9;
color: #865ac9;

And so like this:

(Or is it possible for me to do this locally just on my install?)