The "suggested topics max days old" value doesn't seem to be honoured

Hi everyone,

I may be misunderstanding how this works, but here’s the scenario.

Our community was finding that waaaayyyy too many old topics were being bumped with non-useful one line replies because the topics appeared in the Suggested Messages section at the bottom of all threads.

I changed the suggested topics max days old setting to be 14 days to try and reduce the effect:

However, I am finding that many older topics are still appearing in the Suggested Messages section.

Here’s an example:

Is there another setting I also need to change?

Discourse 2.4.0.beta11 (09edde8ef7)

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Try reducing suggested Unread Topics to 60? Maybe.

What I have done on our Forum with new Categories is set topics to Auto close after 60 days after last post is that old.

This ways once a topic hasn’t had a reply in 60 days it can no longer be bumped save by user level 4 and staff. There is a handy theme component plugin to warn these members if bumping a closed topic.


I suspect that’s the sort of setting you may need to reboot the server, or restart the Discourse container, to get it to take effect? Have you tried that?

If it persists after container restart / server reboot then most likely a bug.


I’ve scheduled a reboot for Friday morning - will let you know the outcome, thanks :+1:


Sure enough, after rebooting we’re now only seeing suggested topics within our 14 day setting - thanks Jeff :+1:t2:


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