#theme-component topics don't appear on the main page

Just noticed this as I was watching Slick Image Gallery, I’m not having theme-component topics show up on the main page for me (/latest), is that intentional or a bug?

Could you check your notification level for the broken tag?

Edit: Just to add, theme-component topics show up for me, as well as for anon:

Strange, it was set to muted, though AFAIK I never did that. (And I could have sworn I’ve seen broken topics on /latest before)

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The broken, deprecated, and unmaintained tags are default muted so people get an uncluttered list when browsing for new ones to add to their sites (and if anyone has an issue with a particular customisation they would normally find the topic through Search).

Though if you’re watching or tracking a topic at the topic level then that would take precedence, which is why you may have seen others?

Not sure, and the topic was set as tracking because I have my preferences set to make any topic I read as Tracking.

Hmm. I’m not sure then. :thinking: It we can come up with some repro steps to replicate we can slide it back over to bug again.

Seems like a tag (like broken) on Muted overrides per-topic settings, even on Tracking.