Topic not appearing in Latest for one user

A topic is not appearing in the Latest view for one user. The user reports this has happened before, and once a topic disappears, it will never re-appear in his Latest.

I impersonated and confirmed the issue.

It’s not a permission issue- the topic is in a category which “everyone can see”. Furthermore, the user can search for the missing topic, find it, and view it.

The user is tracking the topic, and has not muted it.

The user is using the standard Latest view.

The user has posted in the missing topic before, in case that matters.

What else could be the problem?

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Has this user set that category to ignore? Is the category set to suppress from homepage in its category settings?

Do you mean mute? No, he is tracking the topic:


No, it shows up on everyone else’s home page (Latest). And he sees other topics from the same category on his home page. So it doesn’t seem to be a category setting.

I had a user with this exact same problem. Here’s the solution I gave her.
If you had accidentally “ Muted ” the topic (blue bar, bottom left after the last post), "You will never be notified of anything on this topic, and it will not appear on latest ".
She checked and she did indeed “Mute” the topic. Once she clicked on it again and refreshed the page, the topic showed in Latest for her.

You can also impersonate this user, go to their preferences, then categories, then scroll down to mute and click on search to see if the topic is muted. Just a thought.

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Found the problem. This user had muted a tag from Preferences > Notifications > Tags. I didn’t even know you could do that.


Thanks. I didn’t know that about muting a tag, just muting a topic.