Theme Components - Can Discourse hosted sites install them?

Hi all! Can one install a theme component, say DiscoTOC, if they are hosted by Discourse (paid plan) or are theme components only for sites that host themselves? Thanks!


yes, you can install it


Only #official plugins can be installed by those hosted by Discourse, yes?

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Our site is hosted by Discourse with the Standard options.

Here are some of the themes and plugins we have installed/activated.

Post for testing installed component themes and plugins

Yes but the allowed plugins are dependent upon your plan and a subset of #official.


Plugins and theme / theme components are a different thing. Only your server admin can install plugins, and this might not be possible on some hosted plans.

Themes and theme components can always be installed by a forum administrator, there are no restrictions on that.


But installing some themes from GitHub will not make you popular with the natives if it doesn’t work. I had one we tried but I let the natives know right after installing and within an hour we realized it was not a good move for the site and it was removed.

See: New Theme selector. Let me know if it is causing problems

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I am not sure if I am following you. Natives?


Yes, the natives are know for throwing spears and rocks.

In other words, when the users of the site are not pleased I politely refer to them as the natives.

Don’t worry, you were not lost, I should not have used that word as it was a far stretch.


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