Theme components problems after update

Hi All,

After rebuilding the app ./launcher rebuild app, everything went well, which i’m really happy, that for the job guys.

I notice that the themes components are not working properly, is there a command i should do ?

For example, the below post uses TOC component and the tiles, but is seems that they are not load.

Any idea ?

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This isn’t related to PG12, so I tweaked the title a little. It looks like a recent core change is incompatible with the discourse-locations plugin. (You can see this because there are lots of discourse-locations javascript errors in the browser console).

If you run the site without third-party plugins, it works ok:

Try disabling/uninstalling discourse-locations and try again


You are right @david a lot, and regarding the broken link for the tile do you know where this could come from ?

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