Theme Creator, create and show themes without installing Discourse!

(David Taylor) #21

I have pushed some more changes to the theme-creator plugin today. (Note that they haven’t been deployed to yet)

Looks like @Johani did some work on alignment/spacing a few hours ago - it looks significantly better now!

I’ve removed the colours from the delete buttons, and highlighted the primary action (Share). The UI now looks like this:


I have now added a button for downloading themes in the .dcstyle.json format (the functionality already existed in the admin panel so it was easy to add). It would be good to add support for downloading in .tar.gz format so it’s easy to transition to using GIT for themes.

Done, links to themes now onebox correctly.


Done pending core PR

Fixed, admins will be shown the “Do you want to view this theme” modal first, to avoid people hotlinking themes.

I think that resolves some of the feedback above. Still outstanding:

  • Simple colour scheme UI (see my last post with a prototype) :white_check_mark:

  • tar.gz export of themes

  • Show who last edited theme in admin UI (will need changes to database models - the staff action log records edits against the theme name, not id. That’s not great when you have loads of themes with the same name)

  • Daily job to cleanup Junk category

  • A category for theme authors to post demonstration topics, and a method for themes to automatically redirect to their topic

  • Allow non-theme-authors to share themes that only have a colour scheme

(Sam Saffron) #22

Yes! I really like this can you push your branch, as long as as soon as you are enter advanced mode and change stuff it sticks to advanced mode.

This is good, simple and will work for people doing very simple color schemes.

(Joe) #23

Fantastic work David! :fire:

There’s a small bug that started to occur after the latest update. Theme preview links seem to broken. I’ve tried a few of the old ones and some new ones I created and I get the same result.

(David Taylor) #24

Oops, sorry about that. Fixed

Yep, as soon as you add a second colour scheme, or change anything else, it will stay in advanced mode. I’ve pushed this:

(Sam Saffron) #25

Looking awesome :star_struck:

(Kris) #26

There currently doesn’t seem to be a way to switch between mobile/desktop while previewing a theme (appending ?mobile_view=1 removes the theme preview). Is that something we can improve?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #27

I think a great v2 for this in 6-18 months would be to merge the theme settings and the preview together in one page, like Reddit and WordPress are doing:

(Maged Sammor) #28

Whats the theme on itself? The one with the circle categories instead of boxes and the banner under the header. It looks really nice and would love to use it

(Sam Saffron) #29

@Johani made it, he has a few components available that can help you use it yourself.

(David Taylor) #30

The Official Discourse Styleguide Plugin is now installed on, so you can see how your themes affect many of Discourse’s UI elements in one place. :paintbrush:

You can get to it using the link in the top menu:


Great feature thanks for adding!

(Kris) #32

We should consider requiring a name for color schemes

(Tri Ân) #34

Great! It easy to customize