Theme CSS Not Working

Can someone help me understand why my CSS from theme under common.scss are not working on pages like /u/activate-account or 404 page?

I was trying to change the background of the div as mentioned on this thread Include images and fonts in themes and components

But the css is now working for these pages…

You’ll need to provide more hints. If you can link to your site, that might help. If you can link to a repo with your theme in it, that might help.

It seems that there are pages that can’t detect CSS under common.scss and even initialize.js. What I usually do is to place the code under footer.html or header.html but adding the codes there are very limited compared to creating an enter js script or sass script where you can use variables. Some of the pages were /u/activate-account/{token}, 404 page.

Is this on your local or on a production site? Locally, I see this theme CSS on /u/activate-account/{token} (but only after a refresh), I tried with this:

#simple-container {
    border: 3px solid red;
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Both in local and in production, the CSS that I add under common.scss(theme) is not working.