Theme is dark for public and doesn't change

Hi, it’s a brand new installation. I’m logged in as admin, changed theme to Elemental, tried a few different color palettes to see how it looks. But when I view the site in different browsers it’s in dark mode and changing the color palette doesn’t do anything. How can I get the light color scheme back for public? Nothing I try seems to change anything.

Do you have the site setting default dark mode color scheme id set? If your operating system is set to dark mode, you might be getting automatically switched to a dark color palette.

You can also check your personal preferences at… if you have a different color scheme set here, if might be overriding the site setting.


I went searching for this setting, ‘default dark mode color scheme id’… and it was activated. I can’t recall activating it myself though. Either I suffer some memory loss or something must’ve activated it. Either way, problem solved, thank you! :smile:


That setting is enabled by default on new installs.


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