Theme Support for Web Upgrade UI

The Web Upgrade UI is amazing, but it has no support for themes, it just disables them.

I think that it should allow themes, to allow stuff like dark mode.

That’s really all that has to be said about this.

The Docker manager Frontend is made, like the rest of Discourse, in Ember

Maybe you can create a fork or PR with the changes you want

As a personal opinion, I do not think it is something really necessary, it can only be seen by administrators and it is not visited all the time


I am against adding this complexity, in fact I believe that long term we should not support themes across the entire admin ui

It adds surface area for very little value


That’s alright, it’s just personally I use dark mode wherever I can. I dont like being blinded because I went in to change a setting or upgrade, it just sticks out much more compared to the rest of Discourse and any other apps I use. Some websites I even use custom themes because they didn’t do a good job adding an alternative to light UI. Just feels like a bit of a step backwards for me, but I can just change it for myself in Stylus or a plugin if it becomes a huge issue for me.

Yeah, if we strip out themes from admin we will still support a dark/light toggle. Maybe a logo as well, but that is it.


Seems fair, but the one issue I can see with removing that is a lack of consistency. I’m pretty bad at it (in one of my things I redid the entire UX and kept old UX for a few months), but my point here is some themes use a floating look (Which is now in the setup wizard), and custom backgrounds and topbars which is why I dont see much of a point in it. I dont spend a lot of time in the admin panel compared to the rest of my site (normally 30 mins if I’m doing a lot, which wouldn’t be such a problem with normal dark mode)

I think Discourse looks quite good, it’s just the colors aren’t exactly perfect to me, which is why themes mainly exist. If you were to strip themes from the admin panel,would you keep color schemes? I wouldn’t have a huge issue with it then, although I dont see an issue as long as we have dark mode support, because then I can just touch it up with Stylus.