Theme titles not showing in preferences

I will leave this uncategorized as I am not sure if it’s a bug or just something misconfigured on my end. I just did an update where I had to remove and re-add a “Dark” configured theme. And noted that in my user profile area the name for the selected theme isn’t showing. The first time it did this I selected Dark and hit save thinking it was just missing data (although I had it set on Light prior to that).

Here is the customization page with titles…

Also… a bit weird and probably unrelated, but I had the alternate color logos theme component added and deleted that prior to my update as well as I was not sure if that was causing TC json errors as Dark was doing. Oddly enough… my logo still transitions to the dark version even without the component added. Nifty. :smiley:

Can you try updating to the latest on the test-passed branch and trying again to see if you have these issues?


Actually just updating the latest 8 commits on Stable seemed to fix it for me. Thanks though. When I looked yesterday I had just fully updated so there were no pending commits.