Problems with the new default theme

We experience some flaws with the new default theme.

  • we use Categories as tiles with icons for the sub-categories. In the new theme, there appear colored blocks between icon and category name.

    I’d like the old look back.

  • theme components don’t seem to be loaded in the new default theme. We noticed by auto linkify words not working for the majority of our members. Discotoc is also missing.
    Since that default theme does not appear in the box where components can be added to the themes, we cannot solve this here.


A workaround would be to switch all members who have not yet chosen a specific theme to our old “standard” Light, which would solve both problems. Is there a way (eg. SQL statement, api-call) to do this for all users at once?

Found a switch in the Light theme.

So now the users seem to have this theme as default and the components work again.

Please send me a note when the new standard theme works with auto linkify words and discotoc. I’ll give it another try then.

I’m not sure what you mean by the new default theme? Have you made any changes that would have created one?

Thanks for your early reaction.

I’ve loaded the air theme, tried and then deactivated it.
That was after the last update to 3.2.0.beta4-dev.

Since then I noticed that when users go to chose a theme for themselves, there appears a “Standard” (default) theme wich I never before noticed. When it is chosen and saved, the box where it was chosen appears empty and the described effects take place.

Since this Standard theme is not visible in the themes section of the administration, I cannot deactivate it.

I somehow thought that would have something to do with the new theme things you announced. May be I am mislead and this has rather to do with installing that air theme (but it is deactivated).