There are a function to report a post?

By using this community I do not see an option to report a post. Is me or the feature is not available?
Admin that self-host the software can activate this?

Discourse uses the term “Flag” a post. It’s central to the moderation philosophy of the forum.

Under each post you have a series of icons (that change based on the permissions you have). You may also have to press the elipsis … to expand all of the options. Then you press the flag.

Once you’ve pressed the flag button you are given some further options to decide how you want to report the post or solve the issue you have with the post author directly.

The ability to flag can be restricted by the forum admins based on the trust level of the user. This defaults to 1 which means that you have to have reached trust_level 1 before you can flag a post. The forum admin can change this level themselves.

Also, it’s possible to turn off the ability to flag staff posts. So if this setting is turned off then users are not able to flag staff posts.


To clarify what @bletch said about ‘trust_level 1’:

New users to the forum start at ‘trust_level 0’ (the forum software is not quite sure yet that you are not a spammer…) Give it a little time. Browse. Read. “like” a post or two that you found helpful. In a very short time, you’ll get access to a few more options.


Thanks, i asked because i am not able to see the flag to report a post.
I am asking if a visitor see something that want report need 1. to be registered for report a post and maybe also if is registered cannot report a post. In my case i am not able to see the report button but this is maybe because this community administrator require a next level.

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