"There are no more posted topics" - when is it used and what is the exact meaning?

(Anton) #1

Please explain the meaning and usage of the following text:

There are no more posted topics

Translation key: js.tagging.topics.bottom.posted


It appears at the end of a list of topics. See for example here: releases - Discourse Meta

(Safa Alfulaij) #3

No, that’s not right.
That text is There are no more {{category}} topics. with id js.topics.bottom.category
I think that the tagging.topics thing should appear as a footer in the tag pages (like category pages), but only if there are no topics in that tag (as I can guess?)
Check: This file and [this as well] (discourse/tags-show.js.es6 at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub)

I really have to run my own setup to check string locations! …


My bad, I didn’t open my eyes! :dizzy_face: