There has got to be a way to have a scoring based on the civility of a post, rather than just popularity

I am using the retort emoji plugin:

I have set up a separate category, “constructive discourse” and have emojis representing things like:

Great research, needs facts, personal attack, bridging viewpoints, good brainstorming, I learned something, receptive to constructive criticism, etc. This category of emojis is the only one available for posting an emoji similar to how you click on like.

We are in the world of politics and grass roots change and are shaking off the toxic misinformed culture of next door and facebook groups and extra training is essential. We don’t mind turning off people who aren’t on board with that.

When you hover over the emojis their titles come up and just looking at them gives you a sense of the respectful discourse we expect and outline in guidelines and enforce through moderation. Using these emoticons members get to be a part of the moderation without actually making decisions about the consequences.

At least that is the idea. The proof is in the pudding, right? So time will tell. I whipped these up today just to play with them.