There is no reply/save edit/save wiki button on the full screen composer

I was just using the full screen composer, and then I wanted to save it. There was a little tick in the bottom left corner so I assumed it had saved. It was only later I realised thats only for drafts, and when you go back to the normal composer, then reply/save button reappears. I find this really confusing and inconsistent in terms of UX.

Are there any plans to add the save/edit button to the full screen composer?


I asked about this recently, and here was a detailed explanation for why this isn’t available right now:


This doesn’t explain the situation where edits are happening. If I’m editing a wiki post, or a reply from the full screen composer - why would you not have a save button?

When I’m using the full screen composer it’s not because I want a distraction free interface, rather it’s because the normal composer doesn’t let me see the entire post. If the post has graphics or particular formatting, I need to see it full screen. I don’t personally see this has a valid reason to confuse the user into thinking that the edit has been saved. Saving work is a critical functionality.

The checkbox always means that only the draft has auto-saved though. Why would it mean something different just because you’re in full screen mode?

(For the record, I would still like the Reply / Save Edit button to be visible in full screen mode if they can figure out a way to do it without the issues mentioned in that post.)

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After composing a few messages in full screen, I exactly felt the same way as what has been described here and in the other topic (link in the 2nd message of this topic. Maybe merge the 2 topics ?): The buttons feel “missing” in full screen. I had no idea (I didn’t figure it out or see it by hovering over the “reply” button) I could use Ctrl + enter until I read it from @codinghorror .

I’ve read and understood everything @Johani said, but wouldn’t it be possible to display an error when clicking the “reply” button in these cases ? Or maybe just show the title and tags fields only at that moment with the error, but not show them by default ? (that would allow to correct the error while staying in full screen, and they wouldn’t appear at all in most cases, like it’s wanted)

Also, the reason put forward seems only valid for topic creation (=the very first post of a new topic), and seems irrelevant for all the replies (=far more common statistically) as there is no title or tags then.

It’s definitely not very important, but having these buttons would be great in term of UX.

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