Buttons not showing on fullscreen composer

Morning Meta,

When we expand the composer, SAVE EDIT OR CREATE TOPIC is not visible, while I would expect this. Now you have to go back to compact composer to post or edit a post.

CMD/CTRL + ENTER does what you expect. We should be able to press those buttons on fullscreen composer.

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Hi Marc,
it seems to be intended, if I understand correctly this:

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Hello, Yes I think that is for a kind of writer mode much comfortable when you write long text etc… It hide everything to focus only the text. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm, kinda confusing. I don’t see how a small button (where space is left already) interfered with a writing mode. I usually use full screen to edit large posts, or posts with many images. It’s inconvenient to first minimize and then click the reply/save button.

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