There is no way we could translate js.badges.granted_on correctly!

I’m trying to translate js.badges.granted_on key, but there is a big issue.

In english, the text looks like this:

granted_on: "Granted %{date}"

Which can later on can become Granted 7 days ago or Granted 7th april or whatever. This makes sense.

However, in other languages - romanian in my case - thing doesn’t look that peachy, because we can’t get it right in any cases.

  • Granted 7 days ago becomes Acordat acum 19 z, which is great,
  • Granted 7th april becomes Acordat acum 7 aprilie, which can be roughly be translated back in english to granted 7th april ago. Which clearly isn’t that great, because sounds… uhm… dumb :smiley:

I dug a bit in the code and although there is a medium_with_ago key, that doesn’t seems to be used in the badges mechanism.

So, it’s a bug or is something that i miss?


Bumping this a bit just to mention that the very same issue is present on User profile -> Seen XXX, where XXX looks nice on small time period (up to weeks), but fails badly on months.


  • Văzut acum 5 zile is ok (seen 5 days ago)
  • văzut acum 2 săptămâni is ok (seen 2 weeks ag)
  • văzut acum 31 mai is not ok (seen 31 may)

I think this can be solved using a syntax similar to this: Message Format support for localization.