Thinking of switching from NodeBB to Discourse

I wasn’t sure where this was meant to live, so Uncategorized seemed like a decent place.

I’m thinking of swapping over from NodeBB to Discourse. It seems like Discourse is a little further along and has more core functionality over what NodeBB has. I was hoping to get some more experience Discord admins/users to comment on a few questions / feature comparisons I have. Thanks for the help.

Here are my questions:

  • On NodeBB I leverage to create the nice embeds that everyone seems to like
    • It looks like this is a built in feature in Discourse. If someone posts an HTTP link, will that “break” HTTPS on the page? With Iframely the embed is created on their end and displayed in NodeBB using HTTPS
  • My users are really picky about themes
    • I see there are a number of themes here on the meta forum, are those all default or will they need to be created?
  • How are image uploads handled?
    • Since I am running on DigitalOcean, I do have limited space and am concerned about uploads going straight to the disk
    • In NodeBB there is a plugin to upload to imgur, does something like that exist?
  • Migrating from NodeBB to Discource
    • It looks like there isn’t a migration script written (at least not on Github)
    • Is there a service that Discourse offers to perform the migration?

I’m not entirely sure about embeds that are http. You can test on

You’ll need to add themes. Much work has been done lately and there are now many themes available for including in your site.

By default images are uploaded. Unless your community is large and image-centric, the $10/month droplet should hold you for a while. You can upload to S3 if you want.

Most of my living comes from doing imports. See Discourse Standard Support – Literate Computing, LLC for some basic information.

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I actually didn’t even think of just trying it here or on the try page. It does look like it loads mixed content, which is OK. I do love the green lock icon though.

I’m honestly not sure how many image uploads happen. I’ve been using imgur since we are non-commercial and I think that works with their ToS.

As for the import, I’m comfortable doing it myself, I just wasn’t sure if one existed somewhere. I appreciate the offer, but I think you’re too expensive for me :slight_smile: . I can poke around at the existing import tools and see if I can slap something together for NodeBB if one doesn’t exist already.

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I wrote a couple importers before I really knew ruby. If you’re comfortable with programming, it’s not too hard to modify one. Just make sure that you start with one they supports all of the fields you want to import.


I’ll play around with it. Maybe I will come into some money and have you write up the script. I’m comfortable running it, I just don’t know enough about Ruby / Discourse to intelligently make anything yet.

Thanks again!

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In case someone is looking to migrate from NodeBB to Discourse, we now have an importer you can use if you use Redis as Database (


I can attest to the script working great. I did my migration about a month ago.