Threaded chats

Will Discourse chat support threads like Slack at some point? If so how should they work?

There may be an opportunity here to think about how conversations that start as a thread in a chat channel could then become a topic for longer term discussion.

Originally sent in chat feedback

Eventually you’ll need threaded chats and this segues right into the discussion of how chat is different than topics. If you let threaded chat happen aren’t you essentially creating topics in chat? A conversion of a threaded chat discussion into a topic would be way cool to be sure.


Yep, it's not on our near term roadmap, but I can imagine doing something like that at some point. (Though even with threads, I expect they will be much "chattier" than topics are).

When creating topics for discussions that have started in chat, so far I've found my preference has often been to include the copied chat messages as a kind of "transcript" collapsed by default under [details/] with a small paragraph or two above to kick off the new topic.


Yea that would sound great. I think the engagement around chat-> topics is an innovation that if done right would put discourse head and shoulders above other systems. Especially if chat would be “built in” as an option to activate.


Somewhat sidetrack here but I stopped to use [details]. Just becuse everyone was clicking it open anyway. So it was just one unnecessary click/tap more.