Three bar icon should really be two different icons

You know those three bars in the upper left corner,
Screenshot 2024-04-18 19.19.52
Well normal users all know that it has two functions, to make the sidebar slide one way, and also make the sidebar slide the other way, all depending on sidebar state.

But we other abnormal users always have to click it a couple of times to get a hang of it. Furthermore a few days later we forget and well, go clicking it again…

I have a proposal: use slightly different icons in the two different states!

Yes, this is a common icon on the web. But Discourse could lead the way to making it more user friendly.

In fact, I do believe it is the single remaining “booby trapped” multi-functional icon.

So wicked that it does the opposite half the time… Can’t think of any other like it.

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I agree that the hamburger that means “toggle the sidebar” is confusing. I click it expecting something else to happen (I don’t know what) breaker every day.

Maybe these would be better


The hamburger opens a menu, as expected. Closing is unexpected action. How big real world issus is that, is the actual question now and answer for that gives quite obvious solution then.


Wait. There has never been any confusion with the Chrome vertical three dot menu button in the upper right of my browser.

That is because after pushing the three dots, the menu is obviously either open or closed.

So the problem is one cannot tell if the three bars are associated with the sidebar, etc…

And double bummer is they even coyly slide around after one mistakenly presses it. Meaning one has to chase it around with the mouse to press it again. At least on Desktop.

Just like chasing around a barnyard chicken that knows its days are (hopefully) numbered.

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So? That one knows very well it is associated with a menu. And the sidebar is a menu.

I just don’t get where is the issue now? Name is wrong for you one?

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Aesthetics improvements. Is old timers are simply used to the old. Changing this to an toggle makes sense from a design point To make more intuitive.

I am sure this type of change could be made optional via a theme component or internal setting.

Here’s a bare bones Theme Component to provide different icons in the two different states…

I used @PhilFoss code from this related post:


I just checked on a cell phone, and the three bars makes perfect sense there.

So the problem is only on desktop.

Cool. Is /desktop folder only included for larger screens? I don’t see a media query in the css.

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Yes! That is correct!

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