Three remarks about custom emoji

Discourse version 2.9.0.beta14
This page is /admin/customize/emojis

  1. I tried to use unicode character (Chinese actually) for new emoji name, but it turned into _.
  2. I can’t edit the emoji name or category.
  3. The number of images I can upload at once is shared with simultaneous uploads in files settings. which makes it a bit of inconvenient

I assume the first is by designed. Wondering if there is another way to edit the added emojis.


Which Discourse version are you running?

You might need to use pic files like png etc…

I am in Tests-pasts and there is an Emoji manager there. Under Customize\Emoji

Hi @H4M5TER :hamster:!

I moved your topic in feature, because the only question here is “is there another way to edit the added emojis” and the anwer is “no” (to be understood as “not from the interface”).

More importantly, your three remarks are very valid, so it fits more in this category :slight_smile:

To rephrase them, it would be neat if we could:

  • Use a wider array of allowed characters for emoji names

  • Edit an emoji’s name and category

  • Not share the upload limit in this menu with the simultaneous uploads setting meant to apply to posts (related topic by the way)

Let me know if there’s anything else :slight_smile: