Thumbnail is sometimes bigger in size than actual image

EDIT: Nevermind, I never realized that the post I linked to is really old. I’m fairly sure by now it’s fixed? It still may be worth considering updatiing old images, but whatever, it’s probably not big of a deal.

While browsing Rust Discourse, I noticed this post: The RustDT Eclipse IDE thread - The Rust Programming Language Forum. It included the following image.

I’m using a limited bandwidth mobile connection, which is why I’m using an add-on to not download huge images (which I currently defined to be at least 50KB in size). Hovering over it shown me that the image is 31kB, which should have been downloaded.

So I checked how big is thumbnail – it ended up being 132kB in size or so, which is crazy compared to original 31kB. Discourse should in my opinion just use original image if thumbnail is bigger than original image.

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Yeah, that bug was fixed a while ago. It isn’t retro-active though. It would require a cleanup of all the OptimizedImage (thumbnails) and a rebake of all the posts.

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