Tip: when testing inbound email with fake user accounts...

…remember to send with the alias for the fake account’s email address.

I just spent an embarrassing amount of time troubleshooting inbound email because Discourse was rejecting every reply-by-email from my fake users. It had worked fine when I first tested several weeks ago…

I finally realized that in Gmail I’d been forgetting to switch my “From” address to the alias for the fake Discourse account: my.name+DiscourseTest@gmail.com

slaps forehead

I got a little sidetracked because the error shown in the Rejected list is Email::Receiver::BadDestinationAddress

(Something like ::UnknownSender would have clued me in faster.)

Posting in case it could help someone someday.


I also just encountered this.

My email on the forum was A, which is forwarded to B, and I replied from B.

Though, I have to shamefully admit to only reading the Subject and not the body where it suggests this possibility.

Perhaps on both the admin side and in the email subject we should distinguish this case (where a valid reply key is found, but for a different email?)