Tips for uploading badge images

Hello! I’m new to this awesome discourse world and I’ll appreciate any help.
So I’ve installed discourse on digitaloccean. Now I would like to use sftp ( cause no option on Admin UI? ) to upload my badge images but I have no idea in what folder should I upload them.

Btw I only have discourse installed on this server and I’m using the subdomain, and the domain is installed on a different server ( if that matters). Any tips?

Thank you!

The typical old-school way to do this is to post the images in a staff topic (make sure the topic is clear what it is for – a holding area for images referenced by your site design). Then you reference the images from the topic.

But there might be better modern practices for this, related to assets for theming… perhaps @johani could weigh in later?

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Thanks Jeff but it will become messy and all are in 3x sizes. I’ll prefer to upload them on my server if possible. Any folder and/or variable we could use?

Off: Congrats on your little cake badge :slightly_smiling_face: (is this a discourse default thing?)

We do have upload settings in themes, but there’s still some refinement we need to make to those. So, for now, the answer is still the same as described above. Upload your images in a staff topic and grab the URL.

It won’t. Large images get resized, but the original is always preserved if you click on the lightbox. Small images are uploaded as-is.

That’s not possible, and even if you manage to find a way to do it, it’s not recommended. Discourse creates records for uploads. At best, you end up with a mess. At worst, you end up with a broken site.

Long term, we can potentially support type: upload for badge images and have a radio input that lets you switch between the icon picker for icons and the upload setting for images.


Yes I was thinking the same thing, it would be great to have the option to upload images directly from the badge page instead of typing the URL for the image. Meanwhile, yes I’ve uploaded all the badges in a private message sent to myself :blush:

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