Title quality enforcement for moving posts


I recently experienced multiple frustrations moving posts to a new topic. This was the icing:

First, only people with high trust levels (only moderators?) get access to this function, so I kinda feel like if the forum owners trust me maybe Discourse should too.

But okay, we’re all human and sometimes a second pair of eyes (real or virtual) is needed.

But the really frustrating things here are:

  • There’s no option to “post anyway”. [insert reiteration of trust argument] I must make a change in order to be able to finalize my operation.
  • What’s the standard? What do I have to do to get past this filter? There is absolutely no indication of the actual requirements. From previous experience with this filter I know it’s not about having both a subject and a verb. I suspect it’s about length, and that suspicion is bolstered by the version that was actually deemed acceptable, “Error at SQ startup”


P.S. Bonus points! I guess the requirement is 15 characters. At least the new post form tells me explicitly that my first title for this thread, “Title quality?”, is too short!

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That’s why you are staff :slight_smile: