Title - updated and description - no

The theme title and description as on the page

Click on a topic and move on

description remains old

Why would we update that? That’s for crawlers and they always request a new HTML.

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If you do not update the browser and click on links, the title is updated, but the description is not updated.

I don’t know why that would matter, since only crawlers would care about this field? Try changing your user agent to Google’s and browsing the pages, to see what happens.

Strangely, I tried another browser, same thing. It is possible that not changing can affect SEO? When the search engine will pass through the links. They consider this field.

You are not listening. Change your user agent to simulate googlebot.

Changed, nothing has changed. If you have everything working and description changes when you click on internal links, then you can close the topic.

You are not setting Googlebot correctly, this is what Googlebot sees for this topic

And after navigating to a different topic