TL… is non-functional categoryname for hashtag

I had a category named TL4 (but same happend with every TLs). I created a chat channel under that category using same name.

Everything worked just fine until I tried create a link using hashtag autocompletion in chat channel to that category. All I got was #tl4::category.

Sure, perhaps I should not use systemwide name, but I’m counting this as a bug (or UI-issue instead) because

  • if it is a forbidden name system should stop me to use it with error
  • if I can use a name I should could (is that even english :roll_eyes:) use it as a hashtag

Sure, this issue is really-really-really minor one. And no, I did not try safe mode. I just fixed it changing name of category, slug played no roll here.

The version is 3.1.0.beta1 (5dcb245eac)

(Moderators: as a finn prepositions are just pure gibberish to me, So please fix at least topic title if for, or whole sentence, is totally wrong)