Too many requests from WordPress

I think I had seen a topic about this problem, but I cannot find it. We are getting this problem quite often (what follows is the email the WordPress admins receive):

A post has failed to publish on Discourse from your site […].

The post ‘…’ was published on WordPress by …, on …


Reason for failure:
A 429 response code was returned from Discourse.
Too Many Requests

Check that:

  • your API requests are not being rate limited by your Discourse hosting provider.

It probably happens when the WordPress admins publish several posts from their review queue in a short period of time. However, we fully trust these admins (the WordPress is an external site we don’t administrate, but they are reliable). Is there something we can do in our end to prevent this problem?


After receiving the 429 error, do you know if they have any trouble re-publishing the posts to Discourse?

Can you get any details about how many posts are being published in succession? Do you know if the WordPress site is making any other API calls to Discourse other than the API calls that are being made to publish the posts?

Do you know if the WordPress site is using the new WordPress Block editor, or is it using the Classic editor to publish the posts?


Thanks Simon! I have bookmarked your reply and will respond to it when I have data… that first I’ll need to learn how to gather. :slight_smile:

I will pay more attention from now on. The problem keeps happening but the new topics seem to end up being published after all (probably several automated attempts?)