Tooltips for "topic admin actions"

Just discovered a new action in the “topic admin actions” behind the wrench icon button: “Reset Bump Date”. As I have no idea what this means, I got the idea that having a tooltip appear when hovering those actions would be nice. “This … to …”.


Sure, feel free to submit a pull request :wink:

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Should I write “I have no idea what this does” in the tooltip label?


In forum parlance, bumping a thread means moving it to the top of that particular board, or in Discourse parlance, the top of the recent list. The bump date refers to the time that the post was last bumped, or rather, when it was last pushed to the top of the list/board.

Resetting that effectively puts it back in chronological order according to when the thread was originally created, rather than when the last reply was hit.

On another note: Wouldn’t adding tooltips that explain what each button in the wrench menu does mean that we’d also need localization/internationalization for each tooltip? Seems kinda crazy in terms of costs.


Well, we already do this in a bunch of places, so it’s no bigger cost than anything else.


Just added tooltips to the admin menu :slight_smile:

Was only going to add it for “instant” actions but I think this is better for consistency as @nicatronTg pointed out. Feedback on the locales is welcome!


So, it seems that PR linked above didn’t quite make it, but then there was a second PR which got merged :smiley:!

… and then reverted :sob:

The reverting logic is explained by @codinghorror like this:

I don’t think this should be merged @sam it’s a LOT of extra copy that has to be translated and most of it adds little value over the words that are already there… these tooltips will hardly ever be seen and they add almost nothing. My vote is that this gets rolled back.

and commented-on by @sam like this:

I will roll back for now … but some of the tooltips are handy

  1. What does “archive” do? hover on archive to figure out
  2. What does “reset bump” do?
  3. What does “unlisting” do?

I think the failure here is that the change was too far reaching.

As for myself, I’m on my honeymoon with Discourse, I’m a new admin, and I went looking for this feature also.

It’s true that these tooltips have to be translated and that they will rarely be seen, but I don’t feel it’s true that they don’t bring much value.

My rationale is this: Topic admin actions are things with consequences - you can annoy users, you can make content disappear, you can generate email notifications. I feel the need for extra security before clicking these. Some of these concepts are new to me.

I would vote (recommend? ask?) that this (or something like this) actually gets into the product. I would focus the copy on a logic of “explain consequences, if any, especially if they are irreversible or impact others; provide security to a noobie admin operating this menu”.