What does 'top referred topics' measure?

I’ve searched and can’t find explicitly what the ‘Top Referred Topics’ measures. Does it include when a topic is clicked via search engine, or just when shared by a user?

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Top Referred Topics are the topics that have been shared most frequently by referrers. The number of clicks is the number of times people have clicked through from a referral link posted anywhere else on the Internet.


Curious on the method/reliability of the metrics in the dashboard

Would that number ever show as lower than a previous report?

i.e. a hosting site removes the link so report shows one lower click

Could a topic on the report be removed without being knocked off by a higher clicked topic?

Hawk or anyone who knows, Thank you

@joffreyjaffeux can probably answer that for you


This report is using IncomingLinksReport model:

The query is basically:

  • Count of all IncomingLink in topics with archetype being Archetype.default
  • In a given category if specified
  • Between two dates
  • grouped by topic_id
  • keep a limited amount of the highest counts

An IncomingLink is created on topic show:

The only operations that I’m aware of on IncomingLink are updating ip/owner. IncomingLink destruction happens only if you use destroy_task.

I might be missing a where clause, but AFAIK destroying a post won’t remove the IncomingLink record.


Thank you so much, seems the main dashboard report is for 7 days which was causing my confusion,

sadly I’ve looked at it many times and never figured that out till now :facepalm:

I’d like to suggest a note on that