Top traffic sources by topic

I tried to find stats for which are the top traffic source a.k.a. referral traffic for a particular topic which got more attention than other topics. I could only find generic top source for all topics as a whole.

Is this not available? And if not, I think it should be planned :slight_smile:
It could even be linked already on the topic itself when you expand the bottom part where you currently see popular links and frequent posters.
Would also be interesting to have the full referral URL available somewhere and not only the domain.

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I think at least most of that is available with the data explorer plugin

Not out of the box it seems, so it seems you need to create the correct SQL query to produce these results.

Sorry. That is indeed the case. I frequently fail to notice that things are in feature. If you want to solve your problem, you can get help with the needed sql.