Topic actions on mobile cut off after updating

After updating I was met with these options. I like the look of them as they seem very sleek and modern. However, I guess there is not meant to be a close menu button as you can click somewhere on the screen to click off. The menu is too much to the right as there is a gap on the left.

Also the add user note is separated on the post admin menu. Is this because it is a plugin separate to what is meant to be on the menu?

Finally, the make wiki is way too long as it overlays the post count on the bottom right

Thanks :blush:

This is still a little in flux, check with the ineffable @joffreyjaffeux for details


If you pull latest version of the plugin this is fixed.

Can’t repro this, give me more context please. And also I don’t see this issue with this, this is a popover menu, this is meant to be over other elements of the UI.

Can’t repro this, give me more context please.



Thanks for replying. (I should have mentioned that this is on mobile)

Before we updated it had a x

Now it is like this without a x Additionally, I added a red semi circle to where it is cut off

Yes the x is gone, no plan to have it back ATM.

Are you using some custom css for this menu ? It’s not supposed to display on two columns.


Ahh, OK thanks for clarification on that :sunglasses:

Just tried in safe mode and it still happens

Oh ok I see this for small mobile screens. Will fix it :+1:


Thanks so much Joffrey! :blush:

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That should be fixed by:

Thanks :+1:

@awesomerobot note that I removed border-bottom in this case, I think it doesn’t make sense when we show multiple actions per row. Feel free to change if you disagree :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks again! :grinning:

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