Topic closed without system record

@szhorvat when last did you do an upgrade in the command line ?

@tshenry could it be because of the PostgreSQL bug that was found ?

We are using Discourse’s hosting, so I don’t / can’t do upgrades myself. I think it’s always automatically updated to the latest beta version.

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Oh yes, you told me before :man_facepalming:t3:


Will wait for @tshenry response

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This should be fixed in:

The repro steps are rather simple when you figure out what’s going on :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :

  1. As an admin, change the min_first_post_length to something larger than 25

  2. As a regular user, create a topic and delete it

  3. You’d expect the topic to be closed and edited to say (topic deleted by author), but it will only get closed

What’s happening here is the (topic deleted by author) string is shorter than min_first_post_length and when the system edits the topic, the post length validations will not allow the edit to go through but the topic will be closed because it’s done separately.

My fix above bypasses all validations for the revision that the system makes when a user deletes their posts.


That is an impressive bit of bug-hunting. :clap::slightly_smiling_face:


It definitely became a lot easier to track down thanks to everyone’s efforts here! I imagine it’d have taken me 2-3 times as much time if it were not for the awesome detective work done here :heart:


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