Topic counts for parent categories in dropdown

Take a forum with (at least) these three categories and topic counts:

  • Announcements (4 topics)
    • Releases (80 topics)
    • Roadmaps (7 topics)

You might then see this in the category filter dropdown:

The x 4 here is referring to just the topics in the Announcements category but not in its children categories.

I think the purpose for these x # labels must be to give users a sense of how many topics they’ll see when they filter by that category. But when you filter by a parent category, you also see the children categories in the resulting topic list.

I think it would be better to show the count of topics in the category and all sub-categories in this dropdown.


When you click on Categories from the hamburger menu this is what you’ll get: a list of categories with their subcategories and the total number of topics for each category with all the subcategories combined.

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