Topic excerpts appearing after update to Discourse 2.8

I frequent forums at That site just updated to 2.8 (I noticed the PM bubbles, so I am pretty sure that is the current version).

The other change many people noticed was that the areas with listed topics (like the latest view) now show a long preview of the post text. Some people are a bit annoyed by it (Forum Topic View Settings - Random or Off Topic - V1 Engineering Forum). Is there a way to turn that off and go back to the previous view settings?

It definitely changed the same day as the PM bubbles showed up. But I didn’t see it in the release notes.


It seems to you using Topic List Previews Theme Component. I suggest check the component settings and turn off topic excerpt.

topic list excerpts topic lists
and remove the ...-mobile options where you don’t want to show the topic excerpt.


That was it. Ryan removed the settings for mobile, mostly and it’s like having a splinter removed. Thank you. Back to my old familiar ways.


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