Topic from new user missing from digest

The topics of a particular user are missing on the digest. I was so far unable to reproduce this with any of my own users.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a new topic
  • In the Digest preview in the settings, enter a date two days in the past (there’s not much traffic on my site) and check if the topic appears

For my own topics, the topic shows up. If that user (just someone using my site) creates a new topic, it is not shown in the Digest. This is not just an issue in the preview: The topic does not show up in the Digests that are actually sent, either.

I am quite lost; I have no idea how it can even be the case that particular topics do not show up in the digest. I would welcome any help.

This is with the 1.5 beta 12.

If he is still TL 0, it is intentional.

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What, really? Can this be configured? I looked through all settings related to “trust”, but could not find anything that mentions digests.

I am using Digests to make sure people on an old, existing mailing list (not having an account themselves) actually notice when new topics are created. It is important for us that people don’t have to register with Discourse to learn roughly what is going on (this was actually a prerequisite of deploying Discourse). If some topics just don’t show up in the Digest, that’s rather disastrous.

TL0 topics and replies are too risky to blast out in digests as they could be spam or noise. That’s why this was enabled. We have discussed making it configurable cc @neil


If you are primarily a mailing list instance, you may want to default all users to TL 1, if you are an invite only, that makes even more sense.


Ouch. I mean, I can totally see that on this site (Meta), this makes perfect sense. But on other sites, less so.

I don’t particularly care about Digests, but we need some way to get a complete summary of new stuff to the list, without flooding the list with all forum posts.

I am considering that. But first I want to look into maybe having a plugin that creates a digest that covers all TL. I need a plugin anyway to circumvent the “Unsubscribe” link.

No, we’re open; invite only would scare off too many people. But our list is also open for registration, and so far we haven’t had any trouble with spam. It’s a small-ish local site.

Sure we can add this to @neil’s list I support a setting here.

I added this support just now. See this post:


That looks great, thanks! I’ll test it once it hits a beta release :slight_smile: