Unlisted topic updates go to "Send me an email for every new post" setting users

(Jesse Perry) #1

While unlisted topics don’t get sent out on digest (correct behavior for sure IMO)…

Users with the “Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)” preferences checked get every update to an unlisted topic, even if they have not participated in the topic.


  1. User B has “Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)” setting on
  2. User A posts new topic, User B gets email about new topic
  3. Admin unlists topic
  4. Subsequent posts to topic get sent to User B, even though User B never participated in the topic

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Correct. Unlisted simply means the topic will not show in topic lists, that has zero bearing on email notifications for posts.

(Jesse Perry) #3

Unlisted topics don’t appear in digests though. So I would think similarly they shouldn’t be sent out for users with the every new topic setting checked.

(Jesse Perry) #4

For instance if posts are being discussed like this where they need to stay private (although not guaranteed private of course if someone happened to have the link):

Of course emails should still go out to anyone that happened to have gone in & marked the topic as Watching or Tracking, but to receive email updates to a topic they otherwise never interacted with seems like a loophole to me.

(Sam Saffron) #5

Yeah that is correct, its an oversight we should fix. Care to try out your first PR :slight_smile:

(Jesse Perry) #6

:smiley: I really would love to!

However Ruby and whatever else involved to fix this would be way over my head. I really would love to contribute if I could. However in the meantime I think my efforts towards the Discourse project are best served finding nuanced bugs :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Errr what? The setting says email me every new post and these are new posts. Unlisted only affects appearing in topic lists.

(Jesse Perry) #8

Regardless, I would argue that admins expect those topics to be completely hidden to users that aren’t otherwise already involved in the topic. As I said, this seems like a loophole as virtue of the email me every new post feature, not an intended behavior admins would expect.

Just as posts to hidden topics don’t appear in a user’s /activity/posts - technically that’s not a list of topics either, but those posts aren’t listed there.