Topic hangs on mobile

Hey, does any one know what is causing this page to hang on mobile?

Seems to also do it in Safe Mode


I don’t have any issue browsing those topics. Have you tried another device on a different connection?

Yes multiple people have tried it and it results in a hang, atleast on chrome on Android. Works fine on desktop

To clarify,

One of my moderators has tried it on multiple Android devices all experience the same issue,
I can also replicate it on my Pixel 6 on Android 12 and now Android 13.

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced the same issue but would assume they have.

It seems to load, then as soon as you start scrolling it lags.

Hello, I think this hang thing you mention is because some google ads sometimes heavily animated and eat the CPU I guess. Android phones can easily loose their performance.

I don’t believe so as Ads aren’t loaded for “staff”

You have a 13500 characters long code block that is not SQL but was autodetected to be and is being highlighted as so. That is a heavy operation that happens on the browser and can easily trigger the said hand on Android phones.

One easy way to fix this is changing default code lang to text and disabling autohighlight all code in the site settings.



I have changed the setting you said, autohighlight all code is already disabled, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference, presumably i need to refresh the code highlighting somehow? i tried editing the post but it didn’t fix it, how can i force a “syntax refresh”

EDIT: nvm just took a second for some reason, working perfectly, thanks, not sure why it thinks it’s SQL though, guess the syntax partially matches

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