Topic List not loading


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Topic lists are loading fine for me here on Meta. Not sure what the problem is, but they seem to be loading for you too?

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yes, it is loading, but when it stays at the end of the list, it continues to load as in the image.

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You were not scrolling? Because this was not the actual end of the list, you have over 600 unread topics as I can see.


Hiya @Muhammed_EKİCİ! Is that screencast showing Meta? I just wanted to confirm.

I hope it was only a temporary hiccup, please refresh your browser and try again. :slight_smile:

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@maiki this is what i did: go to Swipe down on the screen once and wait. The rest is as in the picture. It’s like a hidden hand is constantly swiping down. I am able to reproduce this on my two different computers. Browser Chorome version 103.0.5060.114

I clear the browser cache and sign in again, same result.

the title was changed to “topic list not loading” but in fact it might be loading too much unnecessarily :slight_smile:

i have this problem in focused sidebar theme. In the Light theme, everything is smooth as it should be.


There is a problem with the theme that I have enclosed in a red rectangle. The other focused sidebar theme is fine.


Hello, Previously I reported a this kind of issue but now it’s works fine for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Muhammed_EKİCİ. :+1:

We’re aware of this bug, even though reproducing it is touch and go. Thanks for the report. :slight_smile: